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“Freedom from glasses - Healthy, comfortable and clear vision with today's breathable contact lenses” 
Owner optometrist Poonam, is a contact lens wearer, she has a wealth of experience in fitting contact lenses. Contact lenses are a great option for sports and wearing socially as well as on a daily basis. Due to recent advances in contact lens technology, it is possible to find the perfect contact lens for you to match your prescription, visual needs, lifestyle and occupation. Being an independent optician we have access to all the major brands, such as, Acuvue, Sauflon and Coopervision. 
The new materials and lens design means that the majority of people, regardless of their prescription can now successfully wear contact lenses and experience healthy, clear and comfortable vision. 
We fit lenses for Myopia (short-sighted), Hyperopia (long-sighted), Astigmatism (distortion) and Presbyopia (inability to focus on near objects due to ageing). 
Based on your needs and our expert advice you can choose from daily disposables, bi-weekly, monthly or annual replacement lenses. We also fit lenses for consecutive overnight wear, lenses to enhance the colour of your eyes and rigid gas permeable. 
After a contact lens consultation involving a comprehensive health check of the front surface of your eyes we recommend the best lens for you. One of main reasons why people are unwilling to try contact lenses is the fear of putting lenses in and out of the eyes. 
We ensure plenty of time to teach you how to insert and remove your contact lenses. We will provide you with important information regarding care, hygiene and storage of your contact lenses. We will also provide ongoing aftercare to ensure the contact lenses remain the perfect choice for you and your eyes. 
We do not tie you in with direct debits, resulting in an excess of lenses, you just advise us when you run out. 
For more information, or to book an appointment, simply call us on 01234 354343. 
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